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Gifting: NSPCC

Writing a Will is not the first thing on your average to-do list. Which is why The NSPCC briefed us to create a fun and friendly film to highlight the importance of moving this task to the to-do top-spot!

Our animation sets out to simplify the process of writing a Will. Providing a quick "how to" before going on to explain the benefits of how gifts in Wills can also benefit charities like the NSPCC.

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What is an Immediate Post Death Interest?

An interest in possession trust is a form of legal agreement which according to Viscount Dilhorne in Pearson v IRC (1980) gives a beneficiary a “present right to the present enjoyment” to the bequeathed or devised asset. Or, in other words, the beneficiary has an immediate right to the income generated from the asset held in trust (or the right to enjoy the asset in another way, for example by living in the property) for the present time.

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